Training Details
Training DetailsTraining Details
Training DetailsPotential Development Association creates a tailor-made treatment plan for each student. The treatment plan is developed according to each student’s assessment result with consideration of holistic child development milestone.  For young children, the training activities are games. For teenagers, the training activities are challenges. Training content include a varieties of mind and body activities with the objective to optimize the students’ brain function, improve their concentration, and promote their happiness.
Each stage of training lasts for around four months, they include:
  • One to three Training Goals related to children development and/or priority academic and daily life needs such as:
    • Child Development Training
    • Academic Tutoring
  • Each training objective covers one to two developmental needs
  • Training is mainly one-to-one. Group training will also be provided based on the child’s needs or abilities
  • Review meetings - every four month, we meet with parents to review the progress of the child and set the next training goals
  • Training Session time – each individual training lasts 45 minutes, group training lasts 60 to 90 minutes, each week with at least two training sessions
  • Parent Involvement – we welcome parent/caregiver to attend the training sessions with their child to give a support
  • Location- all training happens at PDA office. If needed, we will also go to school or home to provide support

Training DetailsTraining Details

Training Details